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More than ten years of research and development, production and marketing experience in mosquito repellent industry, we constantly innovate and keep pace with the times...
Under the guidance of the policy of "coexistence of quality and enterprises, coexistence of reputation and users, and integration of products with international standards"...


Agents are not only lash" brand products, but also "hacker" brand area management rights.
In your area, we will resolutely safeguard your market interests. A region only intends to build an agent and rationally regulate the market layout. The principal principle is the interests of agents.


According to the competition situation of market products and the need of developing trial production, we will have a series of market support to cooperate with merchants in product promotion. And sales work, including: business market expansion, promotional activities, promotional orders, promotional supplies, advertising and other policies for Businessmen build up market advantages.
KANGJIA It is a mosquito-repellent incense manufacturer designated by the State Economic and Credit Commission.
Have a complete and scientific quality management system to ensure the quality of each manufactured product